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For most employers, the very reason for offering benefits is to attract talent, then keep it. So, when managing a legacy group plan, employers feel pressure to constantly evaluate whether or not employee needs and expectations are being met.

With PeopleKeep employees are able to evaluate and choose their own benefits—using employer-provided dollars. This empowers the employee to design their own package, while enabling the employer to meet benefits needs and expectations.


PeopleKeep Delivers True Benefits for Small Business

PeopleKeep is a true benefit to employees because it facilitates complete customization for individual needs, puts more value in their pocket, and improves confidence, peace-of-mind and empowerment.

PeopleKeep is a true benefit to small businesses because it maximizes employee satisfaction, optimizes cost control, and produces significant time savings—resulting in more appreciation, benevolence and trust.


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PeopleKeep is a solution offered through Zane Benefits, Inc.