Small Business Health Insurance Reimbursement: Annual Report 2017Annual report 2017 cover ipad.png

In our yearly report, we analyze data gleaned from our clients for the past year to show how real businesses are making reimbursement plans work for them. We compare annual reimbursement allowance rates to the cost of premiums, showing how much they can cover, as well as participant utilization rates.

Download this report to see charts showing data for industry, family status, region, and more, and see whether a reimbursement plan will work for your company.

Download this 37-page PDF report to learn:

  • Average allowance by state, industry, company size, and family status
  • How much of participants' premiums were covered by reimbursement
  • Which states have the highest utilization rates for reimbursement plans
  • Cost savings for businesses using reimbursement plans